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Our solution in a few words :
  Reliability: a robust platform
  Seamless: save time and money with iBP 
  User-friendly design: exclusive and straightforward features

How are things going with your project manager? 

1 ➤  First exchange Agency <> iBp
➤  Exchange of the end customer's needs
➤  Technical proposal (best solution for this client)
➤  Quotation
2 ➤  Customer/end-user needs
➤  Demo/solution presentation
➤  Technical details
➤  Adjusting the first proposal
➤  Sending login/operating instructions
3 ➤  Meeting planning 
➤  Connectivity tests
➤  Presenter/Coordinator training
➤  Testing/training/validating interpreters
➤  Technical tuning (technical bridges, etc.)
4 ➤  Conference process 
➤  Opening 30 mins ahead
➤  Support chat in 10 languages
➤  Email technical support + hotline 
5 ➤  Following the conference 
➤  Audio and video recording delivery
➤  Transcription/subtitling delivery
➤  Technical report in the follow-up document*
*Follow-up document
A single document containing all of the meeting details. It is edited jointly by the iBP project manager and you. It can be updated at any time and contains all event-related information:
➤  Name + phone + email iBP Project Manager + Agency Project Manager
➤  Name + phone + email end customer contact
➤  Date, time, languages, pivot language, number of participants, subject
➤  Backup phone numbers (1 for each language)
➤  Technical support contact in 10 languages
➤  Recordings and additional related services
➤  Conference technical review
We work on your behalf 

You will be pleasantly surprised by the flexibility of our system and the helpfulness of our staff: we will support you and your customers and manage the entire service, taking care of every aspect of it.

Non-compete agreement

Unlike other platforms, our business model is based on partnerships with interpreting agencies. 

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➤  Unfolding of a conference

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